How to Sea Change Early

Where is the Australian Dream home? For more and more Australians that location is shifting, and moving to coastal areas is getting higher on the priority list. We met some Aussies who have made or are making a sea change and learnt how they were able to tick this off their bucket list before they went grey and hit retirement. 

The nuts and bolts that made up this series were polished interviews, slick data animation, a raw and emotive narration, and a really natural and cinematic style of cinematography. The schtick was, this series had to be taken seriously (we were talking about some big stuff), but we wanted it to be accessible too.


    • Director/DoP: Jono Cowan
    • Producer: Jake Weatherson
    • Design Director/Motion Design: Andrew Barry
    • Voice Over: Tom Bainbridge
    • Editor: Jono Cowan


    • Location & Talent Scouting
    • Creative direction
    • Production
    • Animation
    • Post Production
    • Colour Grade
    • Music & Sound Design