Kenworth 50th Anniversary X 70,000 Trucks

Coincidental or not, Kenworth’s 70,000th truck was built in their golden anniversary, 50 years of manufacturing the most iconic trucks in Australia. This milestone needed every moment captured! From 6am til midnight for 10 consecutive days , we were at the manufacturing plant ensuring every screw and lick of paint was captured and stored in airtight SSD’s so this historical event could be relived forever.

At 11:56pm on day 10, The ‘Make Me Blush’ red T659 came offline, ready to be transported to QLD where she received some extra bling. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to go and shoot her in her natural habitat, so with the rain teaming down, we threw the drone up and crossed our fingers and toes it wouldn’t drop out of the sky.

What a pleasure it was to be a part of such an historical event for this deeply rooted Australian brand.


    • Director/DoP  – Jono Cowan
    • Producer/Cam assist – Jake Weatherson
    • Scripting – Jono Cowan
    • Camera Operator  – Miles Bence
    • Interviewer – James Horton / Jono Cowan
    • Editor  – Jono Cowan


    • Location scouting
    • Creative direction
    • Scripting
    • Production
    • Post Production
    • Colour Grade